We are homeschooling parents in the DC Metropolitan area who have decided to give our scholars a night to remember. Some of them are graduating class of 2020, and others are excited to participate in an elegant evening just for high school teens.


The event is for homeschooled students (including homeschool alumni) ages 14-19 and their guests. If you have been invited by a homeschool family, then you are welcome to attend with them.  This year's theme is Royalty! Crowns are encouraged! 

SENIORS "Class of 2020"

Congratulations!!!! You've made it to the end of your High School career.  We want to celebrate you.  There will be a special gift bag for seniors at the event.  Please be prepared to email us a baby picture. You will also be able to recommend a Senior song to the DJ. 




You must register here before purchasing tickets.  Once pre-registered you will receive an email with a link inside for the ticketing site. Once you pay, you will receive tickets via email.  


If you need a hotel room for your family please let us know, we are negotiating a hotel room discount. 



The Hyatt Regency, Capitol Hill is conveniently located in the heart of Washington DC's tourist area, walking distance to the US Capitol building, and Union Station (great photo opportunities). Hotel rooms can be reserved for guests coming from out of the area. 



  • FOOD









Please note, parents of homeschoolers are required to donate a minimum if 3 hours of time to the event planning committee either before Prom, during or immediately after, or make a financial contribution in lieu of time. Parents of guests do not have this requirement.


We are a secular homeschool group however, there are strict rules to adhere to:


No Alcohol, No Smoking, No Drugs

Each attendee may request 5 songs to be played by the DJ however, only radio-friendly versions will be played at this event.  Not all requests can or will be honored. 

Dancing is definitely allowed however, there are some important rules on our website (coming soon), including no PDA, and no vulgar dancing.

No re-entry. You will not be allowed to leave the banquet hall and re-enter unless escorted by a Prom Committee member to the bathroom or other special circumstances 

Dress code:

  • no tennis shoes or flip flops

  • no t-shirts

  • no jeans

  • no sweats

  • minimal to no cleavage showing

  • back of dress no lower than natural waist line

  • short dresses and slits must be no higher than top of the knee

  • dress sandals, dressy shoes, dressy boots are ok

  • more info on website (coming soon)

By purchasing a ticket you agree to uphold the honor of the DMV homeschool community by agreeing to our Prom Rules, Dress Code and Liability Waiver (coming soon)

If you do not adhere to the rules you will be asked to leave or not permitted to enter.   



The DJ will try to honor your special requests (made in advance).  The general music selections so far are:

  • Pop,

  • Hip-hop / Rap,

  • R&B / soul,

  • Top 40,

  • EDM / house,

  • Latin,

  • Reggae

We will only play non-vulgar clean radio edited music.  We are really pushing for positive, conscious, and uplifting selections.




Student seating is arranged by the Prom Committee. If you'd like to sit with a specific group (other than those you purchased tickets for) you can reserve seating together for $5/person.  If you'd like to reserve a table for your group of 10 please add $50 to your order. 


You can also donate to help a youth afford a ticket.  Use the donation ticket button and enter an amount of your choice on the ticketing site. Thank you in advance!