Invitation-Only Special Assignments

Require specific skills or equipment, more time and/or more money

Finding Parents

"Invitation-Only" tasks are given to people who have indicated on their registration that they are interested in being considered for one of these positions.


Prom Callers essentially "go down the list" of interested parents, sorted randomly. They explain the Invitation-Only Assignment requirements and answer questions. Parents then have the opportunity to decide if this position is really something they are able and willing to do, and if so, they are invited to accept the Special Assignment.

Once the positions are filled, the callers stop calling. If you indicated you were interested in one of these positions but were not contacted, please assume all the available positions have been filled.

If a family accepts an Invitation-Only Assignment but has already selected a chore from the list of Chore Choices, they may choose to remove themselves from their original Chore Choice if the Invitation-Only Assignment will satisfy their Parent Participation Requirement.

Invitation-Only Special Assignment Task Descriptions​

Ballroom Attendant  NOP

First Aid  NOP 

Office From Home 


Phone/Email from Home 

Photographer  NOP 


Reception Team  NOP

Red Carpet Team  NOP

Research From Home 

Sewing  NOP 

Sentinels  NOP

Student Check-In  NOP